Aiga Atiae Pasefika Family Trust

We offer and target pasefika aiga/ families, including all other ethnic who need assistance and help with our following :

Educational and Support Programmes

  • Positive Parenting Programmes cover all forms of Abuses
  • Social Work and Family Support for families with vulneable kids etc.
  • Parents support & cultural support/ language etc.
  • Couple counselling and individual of all sex, & gender (professional and cultural)
  • Family Therapy Towards goals setting esp-for vulnerable families and kids etc.
  • Anger Managment
  • Family violence preventation programmes
  • Social Resources Information, Advice Intervention Guidence and Network
  • Life Skills Programmes cooking and weaving etc.
  • Interpretation facilitation and Advocacy.

Some of the Parents and their
Kids in 2017 Programmes

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One of our Senior Facilitator, Facilitate the Programmes Positive Parenting etc.


We also invited recommendations from CYF, Court. Medical Educational/ School Police Fviars Inregards of their Referrals etc.
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Taulapapa Nona Wulf
CEO/Service Manager


To Provide assistance/ support for parents/ matua pasefika to broaden their understanding of adapting parenting skills through the provision of professional culturally tailored parenting programmes. To provide information, advice guidence and social work support for vulenerable families in crisis and need strengthening etc. And provide other range of services IE, Family counselling etc and other mention programmes that address the holistic neds etc of pasefika fanau/families including their social, cultural, educational and economic needs and difficulities etc. Family Violence prevention, to stop and raise great awareness of violence at homes and in the Community etc. Encourage, empower and support fanau/ matua/ into making positive decisions and develop goals that help families aiga cope, and to provide secure and safe enviornment for their fanau and children i.e.

  • - Group and Gender
  • - Families
  • - Children
  • - Individual etc.


We are here to provide a quality serices for you.

Our staff and support guests speaker of different ethnic groups are highly qualified professional backgrounds fluent in own language and expertise with cultural and profesional approaches, including resourcefulness to provide for the needs and difficulties of Pasefika Fanau/ Families etc.

We accept and invite self referrals community and Government Agencies i.e.

  • - NZ CYF’s
  • - Health Serice provider
  • - Court
  • - Lawyer
  • - Inland Revenue
  • - Hospitals
  • - Police/ Fviars
  • - Schools
  • - Churches
  • - WinZ
  • - MP & Budget Serivce etc.
  • - Other Community
  • - Agencies etc
  • - Oranga Tamariki etc
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Parents attended and complete their Parenting, Counselling, and other programmes as mention. Graduation at the End of each year (enjoy the day with their children’s and families) etc.

Pasefika People Sharing Knowledge and Life Skill to Make Changes

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We also Invite Different Rep. from Government & Community Agencies to involve with their/ our clients/ Fanau Celebration of their Achievement after their Programmes completed & other. Life Social Developments etc. Our Board of Trustees also involve and Support these special times with our clients/fanau/parents etc.